Affirmation Fitness/Yoga Mat - Cork

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Now available in CORK! This Mat is printed with Affirmations along the length that aide in both guiding your physical and inner alignment. Think of these mats as not just a practice tool, but also a Love Letter from WERKSHOP to remind you how AMAZING you are! Now repeat after me:

I AM >> Present
I AM >> Enough
I AM >> Worthy
I AM >> Love
I AM >> Centered
I AM >> Grounded
I AM >> Calm
I AM >> Strong
I AM >> Accepting

◇ Nearly 5mm thick - great support for your knees!
◇ Robust yet lightweight at approx 5lb 12oz
◇ Lays flat: won't curl up during your practice
◇ Comes with a FREE black cotton carrying strap that can also be used during your practice!

Customer Reviews

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Almost perfect

I need to start by saying that the affirmations are so beautiful and perfect that I cried the first time I practiced on this mat. The length and size is perfect. I do have a slight issue with the thickness. It's described as 5mm thick but I have the moon phases mat (described as 3.5mm thick) and this cork mat does not feel thicker than the moon phases, it feels much, much thinner and did not feel great on my knees. Maybe it's just the material difference? I imagined the cork being more supportive but it doesn't feel that way. I'm not sure how well it's going to hold up as it just doesn't seem as sturdy as my moon mat. If you have really great knees this shouldn't be an issue for you, haha!

Hey Liz!

Ahhhh, yes. Our original production of the Printed Yoga Mats were 3.5mm thick ... but I was able to improve them and make them thicker for our second and third round of production. I just never updated the product descriptions because we had both (thick and thin) versions in our inventory and I thought it would be better to under promise and over deliver while we finished selling the 3.5mm inventory. But now all of our Moon Mats are 5mm thick, so I will definitely update the description.

The cork surface of the mat is feels a little bit thinner than the fluffy microfibre printed fabric surface ... but the actual rubber base is 5mm on both. The PU Affirmation Mats are also 5mm thick for the rubber base, but the PU is a little thicker than the cork, so it will feel a little bit thicker and heavier.

I do hope this helps explain the differences between the mats. Thank you so much! xo. Tina.