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Fit Is Perfect!

Love the fit on my thick body! Makes me look fit and sexy! Super love the fabric too!


These leggings are absolutely the best! I love the length! Most comfortable pants EVER!!!!! 💜💜💜💜

Love these leggings!

I love my new leggings. They are comfortable - and I truly love the design. Best leggings ever!


I love that this top is reversible and is so versatile. Both prints are gorgeous and the fabric is so soft to the touch.

So soft

The fabric is amazing. It’s soft to the touch and doesn’t wrinkle. I also love the print. And the fit is perfect.

Gorgeous design and cut!

Instant cool, love the snakes and goes well with the bellybutton cut.


These bells are my favorite. I have 3 pairs now. I love the new length! I fly a lot and these have become my go to airport outfit with the side pockets and super comfortable fit.

Beautiful design!

The colors on these are even more amazing in person! They also match a lot of different colors of tops. Made well and I love the pockets.

So cute!

These are awesome!

Indigo Waves - Athleisure Leggings

So many compliments

I received so many compliments on this set of leggings and top. Awesome. This is my forth purchase so far. To many more!


These just arrived in the mail yesterday and I wore them for my workout this morning-- perfect! The length was great to avoid any rolling up or my legs rubbing or anything like that. They fit really nicely and are very comfortable. Tiny bit of rolling down on the waistline, but that is more my body shape and the type of workout I was doing than any fault of the shorts. Overall, absolutely love them -- plan to wear them all the time!

Pleasantly Surprised!

I got this to match the featherlight bells, but I wasn't sure this was going to work for me (no real reason as to why, just uncertainty). I was WRONG -- this bralette/top is so cute! It fit perfectly based on the size guide. Like my bells, I wore to a theme park on a hot day, and I felt so comfortable all day.

Cute and comfortable!

These caught my eye through an ad on facebook or instagram, and I could not resist that pattern! The Red Pandas are just so cute and I love the bell shape of the bottom as I already have a ton of regular leggings. They arrived quickly, excellently packaged, and the quality is amazing. I wore them on a HOT day at a theme park and they were literally perfect. Sweat wicking, smooth, comfortable, and got me a few compliments as well (ya know, cause that pattern is irresistible).

Of note, I am only 5'3" and my legs are pretty short, so I did have to hem these. On my next order, now that I know the length to hem too, I requested hemming services. Customer service was perfection!

reallllly amazing

I wore this for several days in a row, it was so good. I was sad to put it in the laundry because I just wanted to keep wearing it. I was not expecting it to be this cute on me, but I lovvvvvve it. The peekaboo side with the straps really made my boobs look good. I saw one other review of someone not liking the straps......pffffft send yours my way then -they are sexy and add flair to the whole thing. They are what made me come back to the site and buy several more items! I am a big fan. Plus its reversible!!!! I just want every top of this design possible :D


I love this skirt!!! It is soft, the print is adorable, the colorway actually pairs with so many things in my closet. Perfect on its own for warm weather. But I am planning on pairing it over yoga leggings for cooler weather as well (especially those ones that aren't totally squat proof that we all have hiding in our closets :p). The shorts underneath are cozy, the waistband doesn't dig in. This is a hit :D

Featherlight LOVE

I have soooo many pairs of Werkshop leggings and though I don't have a favorite because let's be honest, all the designs are incredible, I absolutely LOVE the new Featherlight material. To me it feels like a cross between the athleisure material and the triathlon/compression leggings. Everything stays where it's supposed to while I'm teaching yoga classes so I can move and flow without having to readjust or wonder if I'm popping out somewhere lol. The print is magical, I've gotten sooo many compliments and the pockets are a total game changer! I totally recommend!

Lovely and nice

I like the design. This is my 2nd purchase. Very unique and comfortable.

Sexy and functional

Love this pattern and fabric! Great for workouts, lounging, yoga, spinning fire, dancing…all the things I’ve tried so far💚
I am a size 6 or 8, roughly 28”-30” in most denim, and got a size L —the waistband is very long from top to bottom (rib cage to hips) but stays up really well. It is loose enough that I don’t feel constricted but doesn’t sag or slide. My fav!

So pretty

These leggings are so pretty and so flattering! The compression fabric hugs everything in for a svelte look. The first time I put them on, I was worried because they were so tight. Then I read that they will never be as tight as the first time. I wore them today for yoga, and they fit perfectly, loved with me while feeling hugged in. They look so good! I'm so happy with this purchase!


These are super comfy and I got so many compliments on these the first time I wore them!! I’m 5’8” and they’re exactly the right length!


Great lightweight compression leggings! Stunningly beautiful design/colors! I’ve been wearing them to Stand Up Paddle Board in…will probably wear them in the gym as well!!


Beautiful design and I love how the leggings fit perfectly. Thanks so much!

Love These Leggings

As always, beautiful material and design. Love the subtleness of the gargoyle.

Out of This World

Fabulously comfortable & stylish!! Nice enough to wear almost anywhere. I just wore mine on a plane trip & they were perfect temperature wise as well as sitting & rushing around airports. Don’t tell, but I think I like these better than my Lulu’s!