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Earn points that can be redeemed for Discounts & Free Swag!


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by creating a store account

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by shopping, writing reviews and more!

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points for discounts and free swag!


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150 Points

When you sign up for an account

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500 Points

When you write a review

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500 Points

When you celebrate your Birthday!

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300 Points

When you follow and share on Facebook

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150 Points

When you follow on Instagram

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2 Points per $1 Spent

Every time you make a purchase at www.werkshop.com

3 friends casually sitting on the floor and laughing together. The 1st girl is wearing black palms leggings, the 2nd girl is wearing solid black leggings and the guy is wearing black palms performance shorts.
SCORE 1,500 Points

Refer a Friend

Give a friend 10% off their first order and you'll also get 1,500 WERK PERK Points! Use them immediately for $15 off your next purchase or save them for a bigger reward. Find your unique referral URL when you access your account.


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Discounts up to $25!

(valid on orders of $50+)

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20% Off your entire next order!

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(see options below)

★ FREE Swag Options ★

When redeeming points for FREE Swag
Be sure to add the item to your cart and then apply your discount code at checkout.

FREE Journal*

850 Points

FREE Yoga Mat Bag*

1,000 Points

FREE Water Bottle*

1,500 Points

FREE Sugar Skull Jigsaw Puzzle*

2,000 Points

FREE Sugar Skull Tapestry*

7,000 Points


Click the button above to reload this page and launch the WERK PERKS® widget


How do I access my account?

◇ Just click on the WERK PERKS button above
◇ Once you've logged in, you will see your point balance.
◇ Click on "Earning Points" to see how you can earn more.
◇ Click on "Redeem Points" to use your available points and score discounts/swag.

I've selected my reward, but how do I actually redeem it?

When you redeem a reward, you will receive a unique discount code. All you have to do is apply that code at checkout when you place an order.

→ If you opt for a free gift (like a water bottle or a face mask) be sure to have that specific item in your cart so your code will work.

→ Once you select your reward, be sure to save the discount code to your clipboard so you can use it at checkout. It will also be emailed to you.

Can I combine WERK PERKS® with other offers?  

You can only use one discount code at a time ~ therefore you are not able to combine WERK PERKS with other offers/promotions, including our Teacher Appreciation Program. You will, however, continue to earn points for every purchase you make!

Can I earn WERK PERK Points when I buy stuff at in-person at events or on Etsy? 

We're sorry, but we are only able to apply points to purchases made directly on www.werkshop.com

I logged into my account, but WERK PERKS® isn't werking. What happened? 

Wholesale customers are not eligible to earn WERK PERK Points. If you believe you have been mistakingly tagged as a wholesale customer, please email us so we can review your account.

Terms, Conditions and Thing to Remember:

◇ If you joined WERK PERKS® prior to July 25th 2022, we have migrated all of your points to our new platform. Easy breezy! Note: We were not able to migrate your Birthday into our new system. If you joined before July 25th 2022, please be sure to re-input your birthday. If you missed out on your birthday points after our migration, shoot us an email so we can manually add them to your account.

◇ WERK PERK points will expire one year after they are issued if they are not redeemed ~ and rewards that have been redeemed will expire six months after issue.

◇ If you return your item(s), your points will be deducted from your WERK PERK account accordingly.

◇ Points are awarded when a Gift Card is redeemed, not when purchased.

◇ WERK PERK points are not transferrable and we are not able to combine accounts so please be sure to always use the same email address.

◇ We are not able to award retroactive points for purchases made prior to the launch of WERK PERKS® (or) for orders placed outside of www.werkshop.com.

◇ Eagle Rock WERKSHOP® reserves the right to modify and/or cancel the WERK PERK Program at any time.

If you have any questions about WERK PERKS® (or anything at all!), please reach out to us at customercare@werkshop.com - we're always happy to help!