What makes Eagle Rock WERKSHOP Special

Welcome to the Land of Rocking Eagles!

My name is Tina Z (aka Chriztina Marie) and I am the owner/founder and artist behind Eagle Rock WERKSHOP® ... As many of you may know, Eagle Rock WERKSHOP® was launched via kickstarter in January 2014. Over 760 amazing humans from across the planet believed in what I was doing and thus Eagle Rock WERKSHOP® came to fruition.

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An extended peek into how we make a pair of WERKSHOP leggings


Why workout when you can WERKout?

Studies show that your wardrobe can affect your mood, self esteem and performance. Wearing clothing associated with intelligence (such as a doctor’s coat, a judge’s robe, or a pilot’s uniform) can make one feel and act smarter. The same goes with werking out. Wearing clothing that is specifically designed for physical activity can give you a psychological boost to help reach your goals ... and hey, if that clothing can help you express your individuality, it's all the better.

With WERKSHOP, you can easily match your outfit to your mood. Feeling edgy? Then go for Dark Sugar or Gothica ... Feeling zen? Then you'll love our Cherry Blossom and Koi Fish. Feeling a little less bold? No worries, we have solids and essentials, too. We'll have you seamlessly going from yoga studio/gym to street and everywhere in between in style.


about the artist

Chriztina Marie

"I have been an artist my entire life ... I do not recall a time when I wasn't drawing, painting, sewing, singing or playing an instrument. When I was a kid, my dream was to become a Disney Animator and I would spend countless hours drawing Ariel, Belle, Cinderella on paper - and on my etch-a-sketch.

When I was 17, I went to Europe with my sister and had a bit of an epiphany. It was then that I realized that fashion was the ultimate form animation. Instead of making my drawings move on paper, I imagined my drawings come to life on people. Nothing is more rewarding to me than spotting WERKSHOP in the wild.

Nowadays, when I am not werkin' at the studio, you can often find me playing with my etch-a-sketch on tiktok live. Etch-a-sketch has become a form of meditation for me in this crazy upside-down world . If you're on the 'tok, pop over and say hi sometime!"

Our Brand Ethos

WERKSHOP is all about living your best life, embracing your individuality and giving it all you've got. Whether you are training for a marathon, taking a restorative yoga class or running a quick errand to the market, we've got you covered.

We believe in doing things methodically, ethically and with purpose. We currently cut, print and sew all of our Athleisure and Triathlon Leggings in-house in our small studio outside of Los Angeles, CA. In an effort to fight fast fashion, we keep inventory tight and make everything in small batches. We are also working toward a more sustainable future by shipping in compostable mailing bags and we are actively trying to add more recycled materials to our collection. All of our fabric printing is done using an eco-friendly digital dye-sublimation process with minimal waste. WERKSHOP also gives back whenever we can with our #WERKforACause efforts. To date, we have donated thousands of dollars to World Central Kitchen, St. Jude, Ocean Preservation, Breast Cancer Research, and various Wildlife Organizations.