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Dope - Athleisure

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  • NEW! *Casual/Athleisure Fabric!* 

    Say Hello to LeatherWERK! ... and don't worry, it's vegan leather, hahaa! This collection was inspired by vintage handbags and leatherwork. Pretty groovy, eh? xo

  • and hey HEY!! ... we are turbo fired up about the release of this DOPE little design we’ve been baking up in the lab ... We think you’ll be pretty jazzed, too, to get some kush on your tush with our new cannabis leggings!

    These leggings are PERFECT for all the everyday things that get you movin'! Oh, and they're great for lounging around the house, too.

    They are less compressive than our signature Triathlon Gear, but still performance, 'cause ya'll know that's how we roll.

    Watch this clip to LEARN MORE about the differences between our Triathlon and NEW Casual/Athleisure Fabric:  

    Things to Remember:

    Our NEW Casual/Athleisure fabric is still *technically* swimwear, so it is GREAT to wear in the water ... but it does not dry as fast as our Triathlon Gear. If dry speed is important to you, I will always recommend going with the Triathlon Fabric.

    Also, given that this fabric is softer and less compressive, there is no need to "size up". Thanks a MILLION! xoxoo, Tina Z.

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