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Over the years, I have created over 200 pieces of Artwork for WERKSHOP. Since our team is so small, it would be impossible for us to keep all of them in stock forever ... but we decided to open the door for custom orders on a rotating selection of classic prints. Can I get'a Hell Yea?!

◇ Custom Orders will usually take 7-10 business days to cut, print, and sew. We only have one seamstress (Hi, Maria!!), so leadtime could take longer if Maria is out of the studio. We will let you know the expected turn time at the time of processing your order.

How do I make a custom order?

When you go to our VIP Custom Order Vault, you will see all prints that are available for custom order.

On each product page, you will see a form to fill out asking your name, email and what you'd like to order. If you'd like something that is available in both Full Length Triathlon and Capri, be sure to let us know what length you would like. (If you do not specify, we will confirm with you before creating the order)

Once we finalize your order details, we will create a VIP Custom Invoice so you can check out on our shop like normal.

Can I return a custom order?

We are unable to accept returns on custom orders because we would not be able to restock them.

In the unlikely event that there is an issue with your order (a sewing error, etc), we will absolutely make it right and either repair or replace them for you as per our 90 Day Product Warranty.

Can I use a discount code on my custom order?

Custom Made items are not eligible for discounts.

However, if you purchase both custom and regularly stocked items at the same time, we can apply any available discount code to the eligible orders. Just let us know in advance if you have WERK PERKS you would like to redeem, etc.

Will I still earn WERK PERK Points?

Yup! Every time you checkout on werkshop.com, you will earn WERK PERK Points.

Can I get a Triathlon print in Athleisure fabric? (and vice versa)

Absolutely! If we have a print that was only available in Triathlon fabric, we can make it in Athleisure for you with a $20 Art Set Up Fee.

If a style is available in Athleisure, and you'd like it in Triathlon, we can do so with black thread. Not all prints would look good with black thread so we will let you know if we have reservations before making them for you.

How much is the Art Setup Fee?

We charge a flat $20 Art Setup Fee per order whenever you want to swap fabrics for any one or multiple styles.

◇ If a style is only available in Full Length Triathlon, for example, we can make it in Athleisure for a $20 fee.

◇ If a style is only available in Athleisure, we can likely make it in either Full Length Triathlon (or) Triathlon Capri or ... however it would have to be sewn with black thread. We will let you know in advance if we think that may be an issue.

What about Custom Mashups?

For sure! If you love two WERKSHOP artworks and want to mash them together (one on each leg) we can totally do that for you with a $20 Art Setup Fee.

It's super easy on Athleisure. If you want a Triathlon Mashup, we just have to make sure the art combination will look groovy with black thread.

Can you print my artwork/logo onto leggings?

For co-branded custom designs (typically for yoga/fitness studios) we can do so "wholesale style" with a 24pc Minimum Order Qty. Smaller quantities may be workable with a surcharge. Email us your idea and we will take it from there!

I want style that I cannot find in the VIP Custom Order Vault ...

If you remember a WERKSHOP style and want me to bring it back, just drop me an email and let me know! I plan to rotate the styles within the VIP Custom Order Vault so I can likley add your request.

Why do you keep mentioning black thread?

We only have one flatlock machine at the studio and it has black thread on it. Whenever we try to change the thread color to tan, something goes wonky and the machine goes out of commission for a week until I can get a mechanic to come in and fix it.

So now we just roll with the punches and keep the thread black. This means that all Triathlon styles are now made with black thread. (Our Athleisure styles do not use the flat lock machine)

◇ If you place an order that has both custom and regularly stocked items, your order will ship once everything is ready. (Gotta do our part to save the planet!) If you need your regularly stocked items urgently, we ask that you place two separate orders. Thank you!! xo, Tina Z.

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