The Valkyrie Squad is a four month long virtual fitness program founded by WERKSHOP Ambassador, Samantha Willens. It features 110 follow-along workouts that help you build balance, mobility, strength and confidence. Samantha was inspired to create the Valkyrie Squad workout program after reading A Court of Silver by Sarah J Maas ... and I was inspired to create this badass mini warrior capsule collection after participating in her program and feeling a surge of energy from playing with a styrofoam prop sword 😎 

Sam Willens standing tall on a boulder while wearing WERKSHOP Athena Leggings and matching top with a prop sword in her right hand.

Please join me as I (virtually) sit down with Sam for a little Q&A:

What inspired you to start the Valkyrie Squad?

I was inspired by the book series A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas, specifically the most recent book, A Court of Silver Flames where Valkyries are introduced. The Valkyries go through an emotional and physical journey to connect the body and the mind and work on having a healthy relationship with themselves. While reading it I started to see a lot of parallels in my life from the books, along with the fact that these Valkyries were going through a training program teaching them the basics of working out, defending themselves, and even being able to wield a sword. My variety of certifications and lifetime in fitness led me to incorporate multiple styles of training into one program. I wanted to help others find awareness, a sense of self & confidence that they can handle anything, you just have to hone it. It started as a three-month program, which has grown into now 4 months and there's no stopping there. 

What do you love most about the community you've built?

The community that has come together is incredible, they're always blowing me away. We have SO many people on the Discord server. They welcome new Valkyries in with open arms, lift them up when they are down, or cheer them. The community and friendships that are coming together from this program are more than just about workouts, but finding your “inner circle” or chosen family. They are the ones who keep encouraging me to expand the program.

Do you have any advice for someone who is timid/shy and not sure how to embrace their inner warrior?

"Reach out your hand." This is a repeating theme in the books, it's something we stand by strongly in the program. If you're unsure, need help, encouragement or just a friend, reach out in Discord. The Valkyries are there for you.

What is on the horizon for you and the Valkyrie Squad?

Oh, I have so much in store! A 4-week mobility program is coming soon, which compliments our program nicely and is ideal for warriors to move safely and smoothly.  I am also expanding the kickboxing portion of the program to include workouts with a punching bag and longer "Warrior Sets" our signature kickboxing and strength training workouts. Lastly, we'll be incorporating a new weapon into training, Mace. As I said, SO MUCH in store so stay tuned for when these are released!

What do you love about WERKSHOP Gear?

What’s NOT to love?! Bold, beautifully designed prints that allow me to express my interests, themes, and personality! Not to mention the incredibly soft, sweat wicking material makes me feel like I’m wearing nothing while I workout and teach classes. 
Tina made a dream come true with this collaboration! To have an empowering set to wear while I teach other people to feel badass while kicking ass is pretty freaking amazing! Having two legendary warriors that you look up to on these leggings, are inspiring. Makes you want to get up every day, slide on this powerful set, attack your workout, then take on the rest of the day as a  WARRIOR. 

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Sam Willens wearing WERKSHOP Valkyrie Set


Photographer credit: Erik Holmes @photo_fish08

April 03, 2023 — Chriztina Marie

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