I met Scott many moons ago by way of TikTok. I was posting my daily etch-a-sketches and the algorithm actually managed to do me a solid and introduce me to Scott while I was scrolling the "For You" page. (thanks, TikTok!) 

He quickly became my favorite fellow-content-creator and friend. He is such a kind soul and all of his videos are so wholesome, comforting, and encouraging. He reminds me of a perfect cross between Bob Ross and Mister Rodgers ... and I sincerely mean that as a compliment!

One day, I posted an etch-a-sketch video of David Bowie and invited Scott to stitch/duet it ... I was to the moon with excitement (pun intended) when he posted his watercolor rendition of the same portrait the next day! He even sent me the original painting and I have had it framed on my desk at the WERKSHOP design studio every since 🥰 You can peep both of our David Bowie's here:

Screenshot of a tiktok video featuring Etch a Sketch Art by Chriztina Marie and a painting of David Bowie by Scott Christian Sava
Soon after, (in keeping with our out-of-this world theme) Scott and I decided to do a Star Wars inspired dual live stream 😍 It was so much fun! I especially loved his painting of Kylo Ren and, I gotta admit, I was pretty proud of my etch-a-sketch'ed BB-8. Drawing circles on etch-a-sketch is one of my favorite party tricks, lol. 😅 You can catch our super fun live replay here:

Split-screen screenshot of Scott Christian Sava and Chriztina Marie alongside a tiktok live reply of a star wars themed dual live stream.

And Scott isn't just a social-media-content-creator (although he does have over 1.5Million subscribers on YouTube!) He is also the creator of Animal Crackers, a feature animated film starring Emily Blunt and John Krasinski 🎪 Now streaming on Netflix.

A couple months ago, I asked Scott if he wanted to collab with WERKSHOP on a capsule collection of puzzles and I am so thrilled to share his art with you! A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Scott's puzzles will benefit The S.T.I.M. Project - A non-profit organization with the sole purpose of providing Sensory Tools (S.T.) and Information Materials (I.M.) direction to those in need at no cost. Their goal is to provide tools to autistic individuals who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford them.

Preview images of all three of Scotts puzzles: "Janna Rose", "Art Nouveau 19", and "Art Nouveau 17" Click here to shop now and learn more.

Please join me as I (virtually) sit down with Scott for a little Q&A:

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be the artist on Spider-Man. Ever since I was like 6. For the next 26 years, I had all these great jobs in comics, games, tv, film, but none of them were what I wanted to do. All I cared about was Spider-Man.
I finally got to do it in 2001. I was 32 years old.

What do you consider your greatest achievement as an artist?

I think my greatest achievement as an artist is probably what I'm doing now on social media. I'm touching a lot of people's lives and that's much cooler than a single gig painting a comic book cover.

When did you (or what made you) realize you had a passion and talent for visual arts?

I think it was in High School when I had to decide what I was going to do after I graduated. I wasn't really good at anything else... so art it was.

What inspired the movie Animal Crackers?

I was in the back yard with my twin boys (they were around 6 or 7 at the time) and we were eating animal crackers. I had the idea "what if when you ate the lion cookie... POOF... you're a lion" or "What if when you ate a giraffe cookie... POOF... you're a giraffe"?

They loved it so much and we played like that for the afternoon. I later wrote a graphic novel about a boy who goes to the circus and gets a magical box of animal crackers. Years later... I turned it into a screenplay. And then years after that... we got to turn it into a movie.

What is your favorite medium to work with? watercolor/gouache?

I think I like watercolor and ink right now the most. It's quick and fun. And I feel comfortable with it.

What is your favorite subject matter to illustrate?

I feel most comfortable with people. But I love painting places when I'm out and about. I love filling up my travel journal with new and exciting things.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists out there?

Draw everything. Every day. Don't just draw from your head. Draw the world around you. Draw things and places and people and animals and everything. Just get used to drawing what you see

More about Scott

Scott Christian Sava is an animator, illustrator, director, writer, producer and part-time Hobbit! Over the last twenty years, Scott 's work has brought some of the world's most beloved characters to life in film, television, comics, and games, from Casper the Friendly Ghost to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Star Trek to Spider-Man. Scott's unique talents and vision have been called upon by Disney, Universal Studios, Nickelodeon, and more.

In 2000 he founded Blue Dream Studios, which has produced work for Star Wars, X-Files, Aliens vs. Predator, Spider-Man, and other franchises, in addition to creating its own line of kids graphic novels. The studio's first feature film, Animal Crackers, is now on Netflix and was the Summer of 2020's #1 animated movie in the world.

Scott lives with his wife and two kids in Tennessee. Scott's mission, simply put, is to make "the world a kinder, gentler place, one story at a time."

Connect with Scott
Headshot photo of Scott Christian Sava wearing a hat.
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ScottChristianSava

May 17, 2023 — Chriztina Marie

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