.... and then there's the Garment Business.

After 12+ years in this industry, I really shouldn't be surprised by the never-ending games of snakes and ladders that commence on the day to day. That said, the last few months have been nothing shy of shocking. As many of you read in my last blog post, A Loveletter to #TEAMWERKSHOP, I have had a bit of bad luck trying to get a steady stream of inventory flowing into the webshop. At the time I wrote that post, I had a partnership pending with a phenomenal production facility and everything was on it's way to becoming rainbows and unicorns. 

Unfortunately, I am sorry to have to let everyone know that the partnership has fallen through. In short, the owner of the factory and I just weren't able to find common ground to build the business on. And while I wish I could continue working with them, I've now found myself back @ square one and I am looking for new avenues to bring the sexy stretchy magic to you. (don't worry ... I've already got some dope prospects in the werks!)

So what does this mean ?

  • The upcoming restock of TUT, DARKSUGAR, GALAXY, HONEYCOMB and FIRE will be the last shot to snag them for a while. Supply will be VERY limited, so if you are wanting something in particular, be sure to pop over to the webshop @ 9am PST on Wednesday the 27th before they're gone.

And thats not all ... I've got some bad-news-turned-good-news to share :

While hunting for a printer to replace the guys I wrote about in my last post (back to the Loveletter), I decided to test a printing facility here in LA that initially looked to be aces. Unfortunately, Eagle Rock WERKSHOP® turned out to be a bit too complicated for them and they accidentally misprinted about 80% of the PALMS and AQUA leggings that were set to be released with the Dominican Theme (oof!) The misprints are SUPER slight (check the pic below for deets) and the overall fabric/sewing quality is still turbo amazeballs, so I have decided to turn lemons into lemonade by offering these leggings up for a virtual sample sale as well as sponsoring a series amazing giveaways and challenges ! (woot!!)

The sample sale will be @ 9am PST on Monday, September 15th and all of the giveaways/challenges will start immediately. Be sure to follow @werkshop on the insta and play along for your chance to win. It's the least I could do to THANK YOU ALL for supporting me through this topsy turvy time in my life.

One day, when all of this is a distant memory, I will write a biography to share all of the insane dramarama with you. Tentative title : '#TEAMWERKSHOPFOREVERRRRRR : The Ridiculous Tale One Hard-Working Girl with an iPhone Who Refused to Take No For an Answer. Grrrrrrr.' ... It's already looking to become a comedy, hahaa. ;) 


Tina Z

(above you can see @fitqueenirene (check her), @etheyogi and @noctemflos in the "misprinted" PALMS and AQUA leggings from the Dominican Theme. they just look a teeny bit faded compared to the original sneak that I posted on insta a few weeks back ... me thinkith that this has potential to be the best sample sale in the history of e-v-e-r ! Who's stoked !? Let me know by dropping a comment below)

P.S. If you like this palms, feel free to check our parrot collection.

August 24, 2014 — Chriztina Marie


Tara said:

cannot wait for the sale, love the positivity throughout all the struggles!!!

Stacey said:

You’re so positive! The best of luck to yiu :3

Finally found your shop! <3
I can’t find the info anywhere – are you shippin abroad? I live in Europe and would love to own a pair of the octopus leggins. They look super comfy and the design is just amazing!

Stephanie said:

I stumbled upon this website, and am starting to save up for some pants (I am a broke graduate student). Hopefully, I will have enough money soon because I am anxious to show off my leggings in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

Crystal lepe said:

Dark sugar sold out in my size =( will you be restocking??? </3

Eliza said:

any idea when King Tut will be back in stock?

Shanti said:

hi Chriztina,
Just to let you know, your leggings has reach all the way to Indonesia. Our yoga group members cherish them like jewels

Isabella Tugman said:

I’m looking forward to the contests! I love your leggings!

Staci said:

My workout partner and I will definitely skip the gym that morning !!!! Coffee and iPads, can’t wait for the sample sale!!! Lucky for us she’s a small and I’m a XL. Thick girls rule.

Amaryllis said:

Ive been admiring your work for some time, but have yet to get enough dough to purchase a pair. I have a sister who’s an artist and architect…and even after five years after graduation…she still hasn’t been able to find her dream job. I see her struggle daily but our love and support help her get through and we always try to encourage her to continue aiming for her goal. Today, I would like to say, even if it can be unbearable at times, stay strong and present in mind, body, and soul and continue to do what brings you joy and love. After all, life without love and happiness is no life at all! Sending you positive vibes your way…oh and super excited for the sale. I hope maybe I can finally own one of my own and show them off to the world!! ;) XOXO

pamelama said:

Sorry to hear of your struggles but when one door closes, another is opening! It will all work out for the better! Can’t wait for the sale!

Jasmin said:

So sorry to hear that. But with your experience and smarts you’ll get through it all! I wouldn’t mind some lemonade in the meantime though :D

Michele said:

I am amped up. Sorry for all the misgivings.

Nikka said:

Super stoked!!! Here’s to leggings & lemonade! XO

Morgs1127 said:

I love you and can’t wait for this sample sale. Faded or not, they’re beautiful just like you

w.y.h said:

Can’t wait!! Super excited and thank you for sharing your story. Set backs will only make you stronger :) Best wishes and best of luck!

Momna said:

Thanks for sharing! You will get through this for sure!

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