The laser-etching on our Affirmation/PU mat provides guides to aide in your alignment while offering positive affirmations to encourage your inner alignment, too! Think of these mats as not just a practice tool, but also a Love Letter from WERKSHOP to remind you how AMAZING you are!

★  Extra long length at 185cm X 68cm (wider and longer than our printed mats)

★  Natural/Eco-Friendly Rubber Bottom - perfect and durable for daily use

★  4.5mm thick - great cushion for your knees!

★  Robust yet light at approx 5.5lbs

★  Premium PU surface (faux leather)

★  Lays FLAT - ends do not curl while you practice

★  Anti-Slip and offers a ton of grip for both dry and sweaty practice

★  Laser-Etched designs help with maintaining proper alignment

Easy to clean with light soap and water. Do not use harsh chemical sprays or submerge completely in water.