Black + Silver Tourmaline Mala 108 (Prayer Beads)

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WERKSHOP X Element of Sri | 108 Black Tourmaline, Larvikite (Black Labradorite) and Silver Lace Agate Mala (Prayer Beads) 

Handmade in Seattle, Washington by our friend Kenny @ Element of Sri
◇ Embellished with a WERKSHOP logo charm w/handmade silk tassel
◇ Silver tone hardware
◇ Shipped in a keepsake WERKSHOP Canvas Drawcord Pouch

Each mala is hand created with the purpose of respecting the balance of energies we all exchange. In order to ensure only the best of intentions make it to your practice, Element of Sri malas are only made during times of inspiration, clear mind, and positive intentions. Each mala is constructed with the mantra “om shanti” for each knot/bead.

Tourmaline ~ Chakra | ROOT

Tourmaline is believed to help evoke a higher state of consciousness; making you feel secure within yourself. It clarifies perception and clears confusion, enabling you to develop a better understanding of yourself and others. It diminishes fear and feelings of victimization, breaking old self-defeating programming and guides you back to your absolute truth. It encourages self-love and self-expression, and attracts inspiration and encourages compassion and tolerance for yourself and the planet.

Larvikite (Black Labradorite) ~ Chakra | HEART

Larvikite is a protective grounding stone that cleanses the subtle body to help facilitate a strong connection to the energies of the Earth and spirit of Nature. Larvikite repels negative energy increasing our security in strength of our own intellect. The subtle power of larvikite assists the brain's ability to take in new information creating new pathways for knowledge.

Silver Lace Agate (Phoenix Agate) ~ Chakra | CROWN

Silver lace agate holds its roots in the calmness needed to stay in the present moment and not rushing into the future nor lingering in the past. No matter how much may be going on in your world, silver lace agate will help reveal that you have to stay in this moment, one breath at a time. The calming soothing nature of the silver lace agate promotes a sense of self-confidence and self-acceptance for the radiance you already are. This stone helps us to heal through removing energy blockages, release negative attachments, and long-held grudges; protecting you to accept love and liberating you to love freely.

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