Floral Pullover - Eagle Rock WERKSHOP® Women's Sweatshirts

Floral Sky Pullover

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    We've been adorning your legs fo’ years... but isn't it time that your arms got some love, too?!  We're beyond stoked to share our new pullover sweatshirts with you, so now your legs aren't the only one's getting all the dopetastic Eagle Rock WERKSHOP® magic! Whether you're going for cozy or looking to add a little swagger to your style, our off-the-shoulder neckline gives you options.  And with a super luxurious/soft feel on the outside and a buttery, snuggly deliciousness on the inside, you’ll never wanna to take it off! 

    Gentle fronds on a field of sky blue, cheerful hibiscus, and graceful birds of paradise make our Floral Sky pullover a go-to for floral bliss! =)


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