I'd like to introduce you to Simone Russell. Simone is a Holistic Health Coach and the Owner of Yogamona in Melbourne, Australia. I have had the pleasure to get to know Simone over the last few months and feel so blessed that Kickstarter brought us together. She nominated this theme and without her, "in flight" wouldn't exist! THANK YOU, Simone! I cannot wait to get to Melbourne and meet you in person one of these days ;)


Why did you back Kickstarter?
I came across Tina's Kickstarter campaign for Werkshop earlier in the year and was drawn to her amazing designs and the cut and colours of her Werkshop leggings. There really wasn't anyone else doing such beautiful, creative leggings in Australia at that time. As I was also starting up my own business, I found Tina's campaign and talent inspirational and wanted to show my support. I thought it would be fun to collaborate on a theme with her!

What does yoga mean to you?
I love the way yoga makes me feel, inside and out! It clears my mind, stimulates my creativity, strengthens my muscles, deepens my breathing and improves my posture. When I am practising regularly it evens keeps me calm when caught in traffic or running late! The benefits of yoga last long after I step off the mat. I am a better person for having yoga in my life.

What inspires you?
Wow where do I start? Art, design, yoga, meditation, deepening my spiritual practice, family and friends. Women entrepreneurs like Tina are also a constant source of inspiration and drive me and my dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

In honour of your them In Flight, what flying creature would you represent?
I would have to say the butterfly. Constantly evolving and shedding my layers as I grow older. I also feel lighter and more free as I grow older, particularly after a yoga and meditation practice. That feeling like you could fly when you are in flow is amazing!

Feel free to connect with Simone and Yogamona here :