So a few months back, DJ ( @dade2shelby) and I started talking about doing a collab together and it's finally come to fruition. YAY! We are so stoked to release this theme and to also announce that Eagle Rock WERKSHOP® will be donating a % of the proceeds to a charity of DJ's choice. Here are a few words from Mr. #RastaYogi himself, Derrick Townsel

what inspired you to get into yoga and complete YTT?  I was inspired to do yoga thru social media. I thought it would be a great way to become a more dynamic athlete then I fell in love with the spiritual benefits and never looked back. As a trainer, I already have a passion for teaching others the knowledge I have gained throughout my career in football and fitness and once I felt like I had something to offer as a yoga instructor, I wanted to share it with others

what are your ties to Jamaica? why #RastaYogi?  My background is West Indian (not sure exactly which country) but the Jamaican culture resonates with me and after visiting, I felt like I was home so the title #RastaYogi just seems right.

which charity did you select to get % of proceeds of the ONE LOVE collection and why?   I wanted to pay homage to the people of Jamaica that have inspired me so much by giving back to them. The charity I chose was the Bustamante Children's Hospital in Kingston, JA. The children are indeed our future so I wanted to try to do my part to give our future a chance to be happy and healthy.

what are you immediate and ultimate life goals?  My immediate goal is to spread love and light to the world through my practice. Reaching those who don't have a physical, emotional, and spiritual outlet. My immediate and ultimate goals coincide, when this world is free from hate, greed, and lack of compassion, then our mission is complete.

what are 3 words of advice you'd like to give to someone who's starting out and admires your practice?  Three words I would give to anyone looking to start their practice or even those who are years, maybe even decade into their practice are: BE THE LIGHT.

Be the beacon of hope that this world is fully capable of health, happiness, and coexistence. Whether you are the source of light, or reflecting the source; BE THE LIGHT.

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