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PINK for Breast Cancer

Helllooooo, #teamwerkshop!


In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I have designed a special pair of pink pants that will be available for PRE-ORDER during the month of October and I will be donating a full 10% of all sales to Breast Cancer Research. 


But first, a little backstory …

As many of you may know, Eagle Rock WERKSHOP® was launched via kickstarter in January 2014. Over 760 amazing humans from across the world believed in what I was doing and thus Eagle Rock WERKSHOP® came to fruition. What many of you may not know, however, is that there was one particular backer ( @lhalester) who went above and beyond any pledge by not only nominating a theme (anyone remember LOVELACE from last winter?) … but she also came to LA for hangs and she’s since become a good friend. Lindsay is not only an amazing woman, but she is also a Breast Cancer Survivor.

Lindsay’s story totally tugged on my heart strings and I have been quietly planning a way to give back. My goal with this PINK Campaign is to be able to raise enough money for Breast Cancer Research as Lindsay pledged to my kickstarter. It would bring the love full circle and help countless lives in the process.


Please help spread the word as these leggings will only be available for PRE-ORDER during the month of October. As soon as I close orders, I will immediately begin production and plan to ship everything around November 30th.

Each week, I will update this page to let everyone know how much money we've raised together. << as of OCTOBER 19th, we have raised just shy of $1,000!>> THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH ! xoxoo - Tina Z
pictured above from left to right:  @angelakukhahn +  @sofiedossi @moderntarzan +  @missykaiyoga +  @aris_inmotion 
@huckthepup +  @prestonswovelin +  @etheyogi + photo credit @leecherry