Lindsay Hale Bender

HELLOOOOOO, #TEAMWERKSHOP! I would like to introduce you to my girl, Lindsay Hale Bender. Lindsay and I *virtually* met just shy of a year ago through the wonderful worlds of instagram and kickstarter. Over the last year, she and I have become good friends ... and having a fashion-industry background, I knew Lindsay would suggest something chic and forward. Send her some love if you love this collection! it wouldn't exist without her ;) 


Why did you back Kickstarter?

I noticed Tina's design's on Instagram one day over a year ago and immediately fell in love with her attention to detail and the beautiful art I was looking at and as a yoga/barre addict I thought are these beauties real? All I had at the time were black, black, and you guessed it more black leggings; Tina's design that day caught my eye and I immediately got in contact with her through Kickstarter. As a fashion design and merchandising graduate with a strong love of textile design, I knew I wanted to get involved with this project in some way. We began to talk and after getting to know each other thru texts, emails, and phone calls I decided to back her. Once I knew she was in route back home to visit for the holidays I officially made the pledge, hoping the first thing she would see once got off that plane and was with her family for Christmas was a my backing!

What do yoga and barre mean to you?

Yoga and Barre are my lifelines. I started my journey towards leading a healthier lifestyle with yoga after getting married. I love everything about it, it is calming, it helps to clear my mind after a stressful day, it is good for both the mind and body, and has majorly improved my posture and overall well-being.

Barre classes have been life changing. Having not taken a dance class since I was a little girl I was quite skeptical to attend my first class when a Pure Barre studio popped up practically in my back yard. But I went and I haven't stopped going since, even when life got in the way last year due to some pretty major health issues, I hit my 100th class which puts you in the 100 Club. It was quite an accomplishment given what I had gone through, but that’s what barre does for me. It pushes me, strengthens me, keeps me lean and toned and always keeps me coming back and wanting more. The teachers are amazing, the music is upbeat and empowering and the results are incredible. I am now at over 200 classes and working towards more and more. It’s a constant challenge and an atmosphere that has become more than just a place I work out, it’s a place I call home, where the teachers are my family and I am proud to say I am an ambassador and get to represent such an amazing place.

What inspires you?

This is a hard one! As a fashion lover I am clearly inspired by high fashion off the runways, but I also very much find inspiration in street fashion. I love textiles, fabric, patterns, prints, I could walk through a good fabric store for hours just window shopping. I love art, from vibrant colors to blacks and whites. I am always inspired by nature, which is a huge advantage of living in the Natural State!

In honor of your theme LOVELACE, what inspired your thought behind the nomination?

I was most inspired by Fashion week; the gowns, the intricate designs and the fabrics, the handmade details, and all the tiny little things about a pattern that only someone who had studied this stuff would see. I always get so excited about fashion week(s). I remember trying to think of a theme and trying to stay true to myself and finally it hit me, mix your love of textiles, fashion week and fitness and boom LOVELACE was an idea. I flew to Los Angeles with my husband for a little escape from the cold weather back in March and I got to meet my gal Tina. She and I had a lovely dinner and some birthday cake and talked design, leggings and everything under the Sunset Strip! ; ) From then on we have become good friends and I am beyond thrilled to see this nomination come to life. Tina, you are a rockstar and a constant source of inspiration my friend! See you again soon!!


Lindsay Hale Bender