The BizFix Podcast with Drew Koven and Tina Z

The BizFix Podcast with Drew Koven and Tina Z

Hey HEY, to all our hOMies in the Land of Rocking Eagles!

It's been a minute since we've given you an update on all the magic goin' down in our sunny little SoCal studio, but just because we've been quiet doesn't mean we haven't been busy!  We've been hard at werk creating some major (and veeeeeeeery exciting) new additions to our line, and not just for your legs!  We know, we know ... that's a total tease!  #SORRYNOTSORRY =P hahaa.

In the midst of all the industriousness happening here, Tina (creator of all things Eagle Rock WERKSHOP®!) had an opportunity to be a guest on a wonderful podcast called The BizFix. The BizFix engages a variety of entrepreneurs in conversation about the intersection of meaning and money, and what it really takes to build a business that combines ones' personal values with their business goals and culture. 

In the episode, Tina speaks with Drew Koven, host of The BizFix and Co-Managing Director of LDR Ventures, an incubator for emerging fashion and lifestyle brands with a deep commitment to supporting entrepreneurs of all genders, races, ages, sexual orientations and nationalities.  Tina and Drew discuss many of the joys and challenges that make up the living, breathing reality of Eagle Rock WERKSHOP®, including being a female entrepreneur, the values that inform making and growing a team, the nuances of creating a successful Kickstarter campaign, maintaining a healthy work/life balance, and more.  

One major theme throughout the podcast, and one that surely arises in each of our lives, entrepreneur or otherwise, is the idea of failure and how we face it.  Tina and Drew explore how failure manifests both practically and physically, and the mindsets and approaches that Tina finds helpful in growing Werkshop and in life at large when that pit-of-your-stomach feeling of failure strikes.  

"I think that failure is fleeting, because in a moment something can go wrong and can feel like a failure, but you don't stay there... Failure is awful when you feel it .. but so long as you move forward, there are no failures." - Tina
"...Resiliency and resourcefulness... [Developing them] takes time and it takes setbacks.  You've got to go through a couple of battles and that's the road that has to be travelled... " - Drew 
Tina and Drew also talk about creativity and how it's not an all-or-nothing game of spur-of-the-moment inspiration or  the discipline alone. In response to a question of how Tina stays creative:


"There's two parts to that. The first part is [Creativity] unpredictable and you really can't try to stay creative.  You have no idea when it's going to strike, but when it does, write it down, because you're going to need that inspiration later!  The other part of it is that I look at things that are currently popular... And then I think, how can I make that "WERKSHOP" ?   How can I make that special and different? ... It's creative problem solving AND seizing random inspirations when they happen." 
To hear the full conversation, you can listen HERE  or search for episode 13 of The BizFix wherever you get your podcasts


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