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April 29, 2017

Hey HEY Rocking Eagles!!

Nothing feels quite like the lightning strike of inspiration. Suddenly you are more alive and feel deeply aligned with a power greater than yourself. The thing is, most of us only look to other people and the world around us for sources of inspiration. People and places are prettyyyy amazing, so we think looking outside of yourself for guidance and light is not only normal but also healthy and smart :) But what if you could also look within for inspiration just as often as you looked outside of yourself? What would that feel like? How would it help you grow and guide others? What kinds of challenges would it solve? These are powerful questions worth asking, which is why we teamed up with the truly magnificent Eleonora Zampatti for the month of April and created the #beyourowninspiration project.

Eleonora was the mastermind behind the concept of #beyourowninspiration, drawing from her own personal experiences and journey towards finding inspiration within as a source of power and self love. If you pop over to her Instagram @eleonorazampatti you will see that all of her pictures this month contain the #beyourowninspiration hashtag in the caption, where she shares a story or feeling relating to the image and how it is part of her journey of self inspiration. I got the amazing pleasure of interviewing Eleonora about #beyourowninspiration and she told me that she loved the idea of WERKSHOP as a brand to connect with for this project because wearing Eagle Rock WERKSHOP® is a window into who you are and what you love.  She said:

“We would limit what Tina is doing by just taking pictures for the collaboration. Her work is actual art ... and the pants you choose to wear is a physical expression of your soul. Her art is about finding connection with others and empowering who you are. We can all take pretty pictures, but telling a story does it justice”

And for all you party peeps who wear WERKSHOP, I am sure you can relate to what Eleonora is saying here. Wearing art is a form of self expression and a window into what inspires you and how you can inspire yourself. This is why #beyourowninspiration is such a unique collaboration and we hope you can join in the journey with us. Peep below the full interview with Eleonora about how the project started, what it means to her, and how YOU can find inspiration within :)


What does it mean to “be your own inspiration?”

In today's society people are constantly looking for an inspiration. So I thought, how beautiful it would be if we could empower people to “be their own inspiration”-- to be the best version of themselves and love themselves so they can be capable of loving others in the most pure and genuine way.

What motivated you to choose #beyourowninspiration as the theme for your partnership with WERKSHOP?

Because of what Tina, the owner of WERKSHOP, did with her brand. She did not just create a functional and good looking clothing line. She decided to pour her soul into the company and use art/fashion together to express herself. I am inspired by her amazing attention to detail, the human connection she creates between her and her customers, and the passion she puts into her product. Because of that, I wanted to create a project capable of going beyond a simple social media advertisement. I wanted to add a lot of soul in this project. To inspire people to connect to themselves, to feel beautiful in whatever size and shape they are while they are wearing WERKSHOP because wearing WERKSHOP is like wearing art. I believe that together, art and body movement are powerful and healing.

One of the key parts of #beyourowninspiration is the text that accompanies your images on instagram. What kind of poses or places inspire you most when you write and why?

I am inspired by my life. The way it turned out. The fact that it unfolds just like it is supposed to unfold every single day. I hold a lot inside and I am a “mess in progress” but I am very connected to my emotions, including the most painful ones. I find release and relief through yoga, visual art, writing, and music. I try to transform everything I have inside me into something beautiful, a living form of art, and my way of doing so is practicing, taking pictures and writing.

So, to answer your question, everything I do inspires me to write, to connect, to share, and to let go.

When did you realize that looking within for inspiration was going to be important for you going forward? How has this process been connected to your yoga practice?

I used to be inspired by the beauty, strength and grace of my teachers. I loved showing up in class, trying the asanas and watching them practice ( I spent lot of time just watching yogi’s movements). This woke up in me not just the drive to achieve the same physical results but also a desire to establish a connection to my emotions that for many years I had shut down. I understood right away that the practice of yoga was going way beyond the asana, it was helping me to better understand my limits, my weakness, and my abilities. Every time I showed up on my mat I was able to not only better my postures but also to better my attitude through life.

Month by month I became stronger and I started to believe that there was nothing I could not achieve with my body if I was going to work on it, without judging myself but by simply trusting the process. And it happened - day by day I slowly became my own inspiration. My own body in all his imperfections, weakness, and abilities and my spirit so fragile but yet so determined and fierce.

How do you hope #beyourowninspiration will impact the yoga community? What is your main goal or the project?

I do not set goals. Goals are not for me. Goals are nothing more than a limitation for me. I have a purpose and my purpose is to become strong enough to be able to love myself so much that I can inspire other to do the same. I hope that by reminding people how empowering it is to love yourself, how important it is be proud of our self and believe in what we do that each and every one of us will discover that we are indeed, limitless, strong, beautiful and therefore WE ALL ARE A UNIQUE INSPIRATION for those around us.

Most people find it very hard to be inspired, let alone to be inspired by themselves. What is your best piece of advice for someone who might struggle with this?

Choose to be inspired even when you are not. It is that simple. Just find one thing that inspires you every day because there is always a reason to be inspired. When you struggle with that just look at yourself in the mirror. We all are, for one a reason or another, inspiring. Find that one reason and hold onto it. Choose to live your life knowing how worthy you are. Choose to live your life and to be inspired.

Tell us about your amazing photographer Aaron! How do you two usually work together to create your beautiful images?  

I met Aaron a couple of years ago ( September 24th 2015 =P ). He was hired by one of the studios where I teach to take some pictures and right away I felt connected to him and we started to work together almost right away. What started as a simple professional relationship slowly turned into a beautiful friendship and today I consider Aaron family, like the little brother ( because I am older then him =) that I always wished I had. He grounds me, pushes me when necessary and supports me when I feel down and because of that I feel free to be nothing more than to be myself when I am shooting with him. I think that’s why “our” pictures are so real and so true. They are so much more than just images, they are a visual representation of a strong artistic connection and a beautiful friendship. Each and every one of them has a “soul”, a story, a series of emotions that only life can give you. When I look at them I do not see just a yoga pose in a nice location with perfect light, I see us.


I love our morning coffee dates at our favorite coffee shop. We spend time talking about art projects, life, puppies, kittens, and handstands ( Aaron has an amazing handstand practice). We also connect over our struggles to shoot in the freezing New Jersey weather, our aspirations for the future, and our desire to challenge ourselves and our dreams. None of our projects have ever been planned too much. We usually start them with a series of text message to decide a location and set a “mood”, we meet for coffee, fight against the weather (ha ha ha ) and end with coffee. Is pretty simple, but yet so beautiful and inspiring.


Which pair of WERKSHOP pants best captures your spirit and why?

All the pants with flowers.  Polygon Roses, Vintage, and Floral Night. When I was a little kid I used to spend lot of time hiking with my father. He comes from a small village in the heart of the Alps and during these hikes I discovered a specific flower that grows only in between the rocks during winter. It s called Stella Alpina (or Edelweiss) . It has to work hard to protect itself from the rigid winters and grows in the most complicated conditions. It is a winter flower, like me--capable of blooming where no other flower can. Standing strong, unusual, rare to find, and because of that, it is so beautiful.


Well wow, that last bit about the flowers kinda brought tears to my eyes! Eleonora has such a clarity to her message, doesn’t she? =) Now it is time for me to ask you all.. how do you find inspiration within? What was your favorite thing about what Eleonora said? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments below if you are willing to share! Regardless of what you choose, we hope that you all continue to join us in inspiring ourselves to be our fullest, brightest expression of authenticity.

Ciao for meow,


PS. We have a challenge on Instagram currently running called #inspirationWITHIN based on Eleonora’s project. Pop over to the hashtag to see some amazing stories of self discovery and gorgeous pictures by our amazing rocking eagle squad! xoxoo

All photos featuring Eleonora Zampatti and Aaron Santoro. All photos © Aaron Santoro.

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